Indeed. After payment, you will get the invoice and the amount of your payment would be recorded.

Delivery inside Iran:
We can deliver our product to all points in Iran by any mean as soon as possible.

Delivery outside Iran:
If the amount of load is low, we send the through freight airway system which take different amount of time, depends on destination.

And if the amount of load is high, we send them with container (Shipping-Road).

That depends on different factors.
Amount of order: If order amount is high (a container e.g) it would take about a month to be woven.

Destination: for Asian Countries, it would take about 1 months, for European Countries about 2 months, and for the US and Canada, it would take about 3 months for the load to be delivered.

* If the amount of order is low, (5 pieces e.g), it would take 5 to 10 days for load to be delivered by air freight

When you order, if you considered rugs are in our inventory list, it would packed and hand over to the freight.

But if your order is not been woven, on low amount order, it would take 10 days for weaving process and it would hand over to the freight. For insid Iran delivery, it would take one day or at most 2 days to deliver, and for outside Iran, it would take 5 to 10 days to be delivered.
And for high amount order, it would take 1 month for Asian Countries, 45 days for European Countries, and 3 months for US and Canada to be delivered.


You would pay 20% to 30% to order, and at the end of weaving process, before loading, you would checkout and the load would be sent

As we have a huge amount of products, You can put your desired rugs on so you can find them easily.

We would check your order 3 times in our warehouse, once after weaving, once when we put them in order, and once at loading process and in each step everything would be exactly checked with you. We would pack our products as firm as possible to make sure that nothing would happen.

When your order hands over to Cargo, you would get a tracking code so you can be upgraded about the situation of your package.