Cartoon and Kitchen

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Nowadays, Kitchen and Baby room rugs AKA Gabbe rugs have an important role on interior designs. their various designs and motives are the highlight features of this Fantastic product.

Super Bright Microfilament

Rugs Collection

500 reeds rugs which weaves in different designs specially Vintage designs, using bright microfilamet threads. Brightness, color stability after washing, and No loosening are some obvious features of this unique rugs.

Bamboo Carpets

Bambo Collection

Bamboo Carpets are among the newest collection of modern and fashioned carpets, which can be a nice replacement to expensive handmade carpet.

This collection is the best choice for stylish People, and it can set on all home designs.

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BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament) carpets are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them a popular choice for homeowners who want a carpet that can withstand heavy foot traffic and everyday use. Avina Carpet is a leading manufacturer of high-quality BCF carpets, including a range of 4 meters width options that can meet your needs and preferences.

One of the benefits of choosing a 4 meters width BCF carpet from Avina Carpet is that you can enjoy the convenience of a carpet that can cover large spaces without any seams or joints. This can help to create a seamless and unified look in your room, making it feel larger and more cohesive. And with Avina Carpet’s range of colors and styles, you can find the perfect BCF carpet to match your decor and preferences.

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